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Re: randomness

Sound fun!

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Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 3:47 AM
Subject: Re: randomness

> Krispen Hartung schrieb:
>> Heck, someone (not me, but a real max guru) could write a patch that 
>> forced you to play non-diatonicially, by analying the frequencies of 
>> your input and shutting you down if they followed a particular diatonic 
>> pattern - scales, etc. That would be hilarious...a max mentor patch to 
>> train someone how not to play inside. You get rated and scored based on 
>> what you play.
> I'd not shut you down, but retune it to a even more avoidable note 
> randomly, you'd gain points if you repeat that note to make it right, 
> you'd loose the points again if you play that note more than 3 times in 
> a given period... If you gain enough points, you will be retuned to a 
> gigantic chord representing the score. If you play too good, the 
> computer will jealously take over and play by itself ignoring whatever 
> you put in...
> Just dreaming new pieces...
> Stefan
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