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Re: New looping work

Quoting Stefan Tiedje <Stefan-Tiedje@addcom.de>:

> kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com schrieb:
>> http://kevinkissinger.com/threeleggedrace.shtml
>> Hope you enjoy this track.
> I certainly did, wonderful composition. Could make it to a loopers
> classic. I wonder if you have some ways to notate the construction of
> the loops, this piece seems to be somthing which could be played by
> other sustained instruments as well...

Thank you for the compliment!

To answer your question, the notes are written out and the loop  
parameters are stored in my computer (the work uses four seperate  
loops).  Thus, it would be possible to notate the loop construction.   
If you are suggesting that other folks would enjoy performing this  
work, then I'd consider notating the loop construction, etc.

The work requires a range of over five octaves.  So, depending on the  
instrument, might need a pitch-shifter to hit some of the lowest notes.
> I am always astonished how close a theremin can be to the expression of
> a violin. I guess its much harder to play, as there is no physical
> feedback at all, only the sound.

Well, my guess is that the violin is harder to play simply because,  
from what I know about it, it takes a lot of practice just to get  
anything but a "squeak" out of a violin.

The primary difficulty of the theremin is intonation and it takes some  
time to get used to playing it.

-- Kevin