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Cellphone looping was: RE: A/B listening tests

Awa-yeah motherfuckah!  Nothing like reading LD at a café on my pretty new
toy.  I can't wait until someone hacks it to run audio apps. ;)

Somewhat on topic, if anyone caught my performance at Loopfest 2k, I think 
had my girlfriend call my cellphone and held it to my strings for crazy 
effects.  I've also experimented with the cell latency to call a phone near
me and get cool delay loop effects.

Totally OT, it's the best phone I've ever used (my wife is a smartphone
junky and has owned a lot of them) Since it was providence that my old
company was canceling my service (how dare them stop paying for my 
after I quit!) on the day the iPhone came out, I went and met with my wife
who was already on line for one at our local Apple store.

It would be nearly perfect for my needs (though not perfect) if they didn't
do a shitty move and make the headphone jack non standard and then not have
adaptors available to sell (yet)

When I get Live running Augustusloop on it I'll let ya'll know. ;)


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  U Bastid!!!!  ;-)

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