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Audio perception A/B tests psychoacoustics

  Most of the tests I've seen or seen referenced  proceed on the 
that the ear is the only part of the body that processes sound.But audio 
freqs effect the whole body. The A/B test I mentioned didn't even record 
what the subjects heard,it measured the responses of brainwaves. This 
suggests ,and I belive that sound effects humans in ways that transcend 
their subjective perceptual filters.
I have made careful ,though not scientific( not falsifiable ) observations 
of how groove ( entrainment) effects crowds.My exeperience has been that 
music that is truly in the groove causes people who aren't listening ,or 
interested to be effected as well. In fact ,I don't think it is a groove 
it doesn't As Stevie sang" You can tell right away from te letter A when 
people start to move"