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Re: Record Industry Decline

Paul Richards wrote:
> Who cares what radio stations are playing anyway?
Anyone who drives a car?  ;-)  The Arbitron ratings in my area show that 
terrestrial radio is very healthy with the lion's share of the listening 
market, especially when people are in their cars.  Yes, satellite radio 
is starting to take some market share.  Nobody can get internet radio in 
their car afaik.  We here at LD are not typical.  The masses are still 
listening to FM.  What band that plays a mainstream type of music 
wouldn't want a slice of that pie?
> I don't.
And most of us on this list are right there with you.  But we're, well, 
different from everybody else.  Not only are we *musicians* (which is 
bad enough already) but we're *LOOPING musicians*!  Gadzooks!!!
> Maybe I have a nilhilist attitude but I really don't care whether any 
> of my stuff ever is played on the radio. I enjoy listening to it and 
> that's all that matters. Those that need public approbation (or want 
> to make a lot of $$$) suffer from the current poor radio condition. I 
> do sympathize.
When wearing my rock band hat, I would like the opportunity to recover 
my recording and CD manufacturing costs so I can continue putting out 
CDs.  (I'm not even lusting to make a profit!)  Since airplay can aid 
that goal, it is one avenue I must pursue, even though I know it's a 
blind alley.  I'm not holding my breath but I plan to wear down some PD 
who really *is* a music lover.  Just one will do so I can go to the next 
PD#2:  Well, who else is playing your record?
Me: Joe Blow at KRAP has been programming our "hit" for three months!
Yeah, in my dreams!!  ;-)