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was RE: Fripp & Eno 1973 / BBC / Peel

yeah, guys- please remember to change the name of the thread if you're going to digress....
I am waiting for my ex-BBC mate to send me his copy of the top gear show which featured this fripp&eno set, & which is the original backwards version of their specially "re-recorded" version of "no pussyfooting".
he says that it's difficult to tell exactly what the differences are between this top gear session recording (mysteriously- "for technical reasons"- made at eno's home & not at the BBC maida vale studios round the corner from eno's home, where almost all other BBC sessions were recorded) besides the fact that the BBC (i.e. in this instance, john peel & john walters) aired the thing backwards because fripp&eno sent the tape tail-out, per the record industry's convention.
so when I have the thing, I'll turn it the right way round (in vegas or soundtrack-pro or whatever) & a-b it with the cd version.
I have a suspicion, & that's all it is, that it will be almost identical- perhaps a few little edits or an overdub here & there. it's deeply suspicious that fripp&eno elected to refuse the hospitality of the BBC studios, less than 500 yards away from eno's maida vale home, on the grounds that the technicalities of what they were doing could not be duplicated. the BBC maida vale studio was the birthplace, in this country anyway, of the whole artform of stringing multiple tape decks together in the fripp&eno fashion; delia derbyshire & co were doing it at least ten years earlier.

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OK Im a little lost in this thread, where are the working links to the Fripp and Eno video clips? Can someone please re-post them, or post some new working links, because I got very excited about these ones, yet for several days have not been able to download them....