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Re: RC-50, un undiscovered treasure....

what percussion exactly are you talking about if not the guide?  
something you prerecord?
could you explain in more detail?


On Jul 10, 2007, at 10:46 PM, midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

> Well, I just spent the last 3 hours getting know my RC 50 in a way  
> I never thought possible. No, I wasn't sticking my 1/4'' into the  
> main in. I discovered the true nature of tempo sync. A bell or  
> whistle I thought ( in much aggreement with breachthepeace@aohell)  
> as a useless feature, but with the the right settings, I can play a  
> part then have a percussion part chime in in perfect sync. The  
> percussion will play in perfect sync regardless of the rhythm I  
> play. Friggin brilliant. This does away with the need for guide  
> tracks when playing with other musicians. Yeah, I know mobius  
> rocks, but this $500 box continues to amaze. Boss has done a  
> tremendous disservice to its product by providing an unbeleivibly  
> lame manual that doesn't come cose to explaining the features of  
> this machine.