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Fripp & Eno 1973 / BBC / Peel /RIAA & the iphone

here is an iphone getting slightly rough "tear-down" treatment. you can
see all the magic smoke being let out, & there's a lot of it.

& as for the fripp&eno "session", the final word: my mate has reversed
the recording so it's back how it otter be, & it's identical to the
album version. herewith his slightly informal presentation of the facts:

>>Fripp and Eno update: having reversed the bugger out of curiosity, it
is actually the same as the albumen !  Andy G's rec is more complete and
has some good Peel chat about "opinion being divided in the studio" (for
some reason Eric Idle had popped in that day, the week before Xmas,
maybe the Radio 1 party or summat) but that "he had liked it and thought
there was an element of the `Tangerine' about it". I'll get it done
f'yuz's anyway as it's still funny. There's some bullshit theory on
t'net that to play it backwards was a deliberate joke between Peel and
Eno, but that's obviously just twatty speculation.<<

so there.