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Re: RC-50, un undiscovered treasure....

>From the workshop found here: 

In this example patch, the RC-50’s in Multi mode, the guide and Loop Sync 
are off, and all phrases are set for looped playback. Phrases 1 and 2 are 
empty, but we’ve got a 4/4 drum loop imported into Phrase 3. Though we 
want to use the drum loop as a rhythmic backing, we don’t want it to start 
playing right away; we’d like to record an audio loop (a chord 
for example) into Phrase 1 first, and then start Phrase 3 playing a little 
Of course, when Phrase 3’s drum loop starts, we want it to play in time 
our looping Phrase 1. 
The key to making this happen is by using Tempo Sync. In our example 
we’ve turned on the Tempo Sync switches for Phrases 1 and 3. This allows 
recording of Phrase 1 to set the patch tempo, and also makes Phrase 3 play 
the patch tempo. Follow along as we walk through how this works: 
With the RC-50 stopped, select Phrase 1 for recording by pressing its 
Tap your foot in a steady rhythm at the desired tempo. 
When you’re ready to start recording, press the REC/PLAY/OVERDUB 
pedal once, in time with your foot taps. Phrase 1 begins recording. 
During recording, play with a steady 4/4 rhythm. This will ensure an 
accurate original tempo calculation. 
When you wish to close Phrase 1, press REC/PLAY/OVERDUB. The phrase 
starts looping, and the patch tempo is set to match this newly recorded 
phrase’s original tempo. 
To get an accurate original tempo, make sure you close the phrase 
exactly at the beginning of a measure.