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RE: OT: Vocal Harmonizer recommendations?

I used… I think it was a product called The Vocalist, way back in the 90s.  It wasn’t really a harmonizer as much as a device that seemed to add synthetic voice harmonies to your original voice input.  I tried it out from a music shop because I thought it might give me a good way to do Brian May type harmonies on my guitar… didn’t work so well.  However, for voice I think it had a very cool sound and seemed to be limitless (you could input harmonies via MIDI notes or have it auto-harmonize to a key)  I can’t remember who made it… Digitech?


I’d bet money on the fact that Imogen Heap is using the latest version of this technology.  I saw her live and she sounded great.  I say, if you know what she’s using, speak up.  That’s the model to buy.  Also, I think she used combos of harmonizers and vocoders during different tracks.




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what was the name of that roland harmonizer guys like simon stockhausen used, end of the 80ies/beginning of the 90ies?


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That's "Hide and Seek." I'm pretty sure she's using a vocoder for that track. Either that, or a harmonizer that responds to MIDI from a keyboard to determine the pitches. There's a couple YouTube vids showing her performing it live. Given how the timbre changes, though (at times sounding like a low-pass filter is opening up gradually), I'm inclined to believe it's a vocoder.



On 7/11/07, RICK WALKER <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

Has any one heard the Imogen Heap track that is all acapella except for
rather synthetic sounding
harmonization?    I'm just enthralled with it.  Please forgive me but I
forget the title of the track
and it's out in my car as I type.

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful recommendations!

yours,  Rick