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RE: OT: Vocal Harmonizer recommendations?

I don't think that anybody's yet mentioned it but, relatedly, there's 
the HarmonyControl | Guitar from TC Helicon:


It looks like just a harmony-tracking sensor with MID output, 
installed into a simple floor controller.  The advantage here, 
IMNSHO, is that you can use this merely for the harmony sensing while 
not being tied in to the pitch altering algorithms of a particular 
manufacturer.  You can take its MIDI output into *any* 
pitchshifter/harmonizer that will receive MIDI note input.  You could 
just as well use this little box with a VST plug like Audio Damage's 
Discord, I'd imagine.

As far as dedicated hardware, I know the Voiceworks series from TC 
Helicon tracks harmony keys from MIDI input really well (I've use 
one) but you could also conceivably mix-and-match this little floor 
box with whatever harmonizer you prefer.


At 12:43 PM -0700 7/12/07, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>Man, this looks like the way to go and not too bad on price.  I wonder if 
>would alternately accept MIDI notes to formulate harmonies.  Must right?
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>seems like a great toy!
>i also wonder how good it will track an acoustic with
>a magnetic...
>--- Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:
>>  > This seems easy.
>  > > http://youtube.com/watch?v=d4-SYz3_BCA
>>  Yeah, I've had my eye on this one (Digitech
>>  Vocalist).  They're still
>>  pretty new, I'm waiting for some reviews.  My
>>  concern is that magic
>>  pitch tracking devices have historically been rather
>>  twitchy,
>>  especially with chords.  This doesn't appear to use
>>  a hex pickup
>>  so I would imagine that you have to play very
>>  cleanly and simply,
>>  like playing a guitar synth only more so.
>>  Jeff
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