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RE: Re: biamplified monitors

Thanks Boysen !
Best regards RF
Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> skrev:
On 14 jul 2007, at 09.36, rune fagereng wrote:

> Hi !
> I have noticed that someone has recommanded Event
> monitor. I am looking on Ebay now. I do want powered
> monitors. When the add say biamplified does this mean
> not amplified ? And will most monitors (studio) work
> in Norway (220 v) like delays and reverbunits if one
> just uses a different net kabel ?
> If Eveny 20/20 and Alp5 not are powered monitors does
> anyone have a tip for good and not too expensive
> studiomonitors?
> best regards Rune F

Hi Rune,

I think "bi-amped" means that the amplification uses two output
stages. I guess that is standard today in near field monitors, the
only model I know that doesn't have it is the MNT-Pro M-00. A couple
of years ago we did an A/B listening test at the studio computer
music magazine where I'm writing as a freelancer. Eight near field
monitors were listened to, as a blind test, by three professional
audio/music workers. The two winners were the Genelec 8030A and the
Event TR-5. The Event is about half the price, so if shopping on a
budget they are a good deal. But they doesn't sound as true (linear
frequency response) as the Genelecs and personally I also think the
Genelecs sound more "musical" (as in "fun to listen to music through
them"). I've been using the Events at the mag's office and have
Genelec's at my own place. The Genelec's are also the best for
traveling with since they are sturdy and can take some beating in the
dark interiors of transportation trunks. The shared second best price
of the listening test went to Fostex PM-1 and Behringer Truth B2030A.

I hope you find something good for monitoring your work. Good
monitoring is essential.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)

Mob: 917 95 867

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