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Re: question about guitar lessons

Claude wrote

naaa come on!!

The Leavitt book is great for committed adults, eventually, but not for kiddies please, there should exist less boring presented material!!!!

And btw the Leavitt books are false beginner’s book.”



I agree Claude, I went to Berklee and had to use the Leavitt books, and though chock full of valuable information, The material was really dry, and not particularly inspiring to study, and most definitely not beginner books. I received way more education at Berklee from playing through fake books and jamming with friends. As I mentioned privately to Michael, either the Progressive series of beginner books, or the National Guitar Workshop series are very good for young beginners. Also I’ve seen a book that is just transcriptions of classic rock riffs. Not whole songs, just riffs. I’ve found that with young students, nothing gets them more fired up than learning a classic riff from a classic song. I have a nine year old student who I taught the first day to play his favorite song, Smoke on the Water. He actually only learned the first riff, but since them I’ve taught him the rest of the tune. You should have seen this little guys face when he figured it out. Small identifiable exerts of classic songs are a great way to get a younger inspired to play even if they are not ready to learn the whole tune.