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RE: Looking for a new looper

I looked at that device before I went Mobius and what stopped me was that it generates clock, but does not sync to an external clock.


Mark, I think Mobius does all you ask for… though I personally don’t use it for all you mention so I can’t speak for all the functions.  Jeff recently added my coveted “preset your loop length to host bar” function in the latest beta release, and I imagine a v 1.3 release is close at hand with a lot of new great features, many of them having to do with being able to write scripts to initiate complex functions.




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Check out the specs for the RIFF BOX by Backline Engineering; piques my interest for $320...


Mark Hamburg <mark_hamburg@baymoon.com> wrote:

Is there anything out there with the following features:

* Stereo

* Threshold recording -- I essentially want to arm it, start playing,
and then hit a button when it's time to repeat

* Multiply

* Feedback control

* Good MIDI clock generation

* Good MIDI clock sync

A pair of stereo channels would be better.

If I give up stereo, the EDP does this just fine (and I've got three
of them). My understanding is that stereo fights with threshold
recording on the EDP. Sigh.

The downfall for the Repeater in this regard is that it has a
reputation for being a lousy MIDI clock source. Did they fix that in

The Looperlative and the 2880 both actually look rather similar vis-a-
vis this feature set (though the Looperlative is obviously bigger at
8 tracks, supports non-synchronized tracks, has lots of MIDI support,
etc), but they neither multiply nor support threshold recording from
what I can tell.

My understanding is that the RC-50 lacks feedback control. Is that

Am I missing any cases? Have I mischaracterized anything?

This all comes up because I've been finding new joy in my HandSonic
and my MachineDrum using the former to control the latter and
building up loops in a single EDP. But I really wish it was stereo
and I really would like to set one stereo pair to playing a steady
pulse while jamming in another stereo pair with feedback set fairly low.

Any suggestions? Do I just need to ditch all of this hardware and go
to a computer-based system with a small mobile guitar rig for Y2K#




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