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RE: Looking for a new looper

Trust me, I too am a Mac guy.  They are better.  Why do I say that?  
when I hooked my Novation Remote 61 to my Mac, I think I ran a small
installer application and it worked perfectly.  Maybe I didn't even have to
do that. Last night I tried hooking it directly to my XP running laptop.  
took a good half hour to get the proper driver to install (I had the disk!)


So anyway... why the little story?  Because Mobius makes it worth it.

So you for sure can get a Macbook Pro and run xp on it, ditch your software
synths and looper and be very happy.  (sorry, your E-MU module is long 

If you're questioning a "laptop" performance, check out one of our 
Kid Beyond.  He lives near us in the Bay area and he's proof that an 
live show can be done with a laptop looper (He uses Live)

Really, the laptop disappears if you have a good MIDI controller and just
becomes a display to note your current loop state.


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On 16 Jul 2007, at 12:12 PM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> Mark, I think Mobius does all you ask for. though I personally  
> don't use it for all you mention so I can't speak for all the  
> functions.  Jeff recently added my coveted "preset your loop length  
> to host bar" function in the latest beta release, and I imagine a v  
> 1.3 release is close at hand with a lot of new great features, many  
> of them having to do with being able to write scripts to initiate  
> complex functions.
Indeed it does look like it does everything I need (though I will say  
the Riff Box looks slick in the demos).

Down sides:

* I've resisted going the laptop route because I have yet to see a  
laptop that didn't seem awkward to set up in a portable situation.  
(Okay. Wally Schnalle seems to have found a reasonable way to mix it  
in with his drum kit.)

* Generally, I'm a Mac guy.

That said, I've been contemplating dumping hardware synths for  
virtual synths...