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Re: OT: composers and musicians being paid their royalties, was Fripp and Eno

Hey Per,
thanx for mentioning this,i have no idea if the Gema
is really working for me i am absolutely blind when it
comes to this, the reason why i joined them back when
we released our first CD is because you are forced to
before CD duplication.I think this is bullshit forcing
starting artists to pay a fee, the gema should allow
new artists pressing from 500 to 1000 copies Gema
free.The way i see it this organizations are only
worth it if u are selling like hot pankakes, the are
now plagued with burocrats smoking cigars getting
richer and richer.We sold over 10,000 of our first CD
back in 1998 and it took about 4 years to get any
money from them!i can see also how this serves only as
an obstacle for anything new musically happening,ive
been turned down to play unwillingly forbar owners in
some places in Munich because they had to pay big
fines for even playing a CD!same thing with the fee
you are forced to pay here for listening to crap radio
and TV plagued with loud commercials.
My quesion is how do we songwriters know where our
music is being played and where the Gema is
collecting? the statements that i get from them dont
specify anything and also what happens if you dont
belong to any performing rights organizations,that is
where does the money goes? do you think that the
scandinavian STIM would be any better?
> Speaking PRO's, it seems to me the Scandinavian
> based STIM does a  
> pretty good job. But it all depends on you, as the
> author of your  
> work, to properly register your work with the PRO.
> There are  
> different kind of legal rights to music, the
> author's rights are the  
> biggest part. Then there are so called neighboring
> rights as well,  
> i.e. the rights of musicians that played on a
> recording without  
> actually being the composer of the music. In Sweden
> there is a  
> special "PRO" for those neighboringrights called
> SAMI (Swedish  
> Artist's and Musician's Interest organization). I
> recently, totally  
> unexpectedly,  received a bit over a thousand
> dollars that way for  
> "air plays abroad". No specification on which
> country or which  
> recordings, so there's no way to know if the figure
> is correct or  
> not. Maybe some track, with me as studio musician,
> became a radio hit  
> somewhere in the world? It's like a lottery, I
> think.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)


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