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RE: Question about Mobius and Surround Sound

> I would like to assign tracks to different VST "ports", so that I can

> utilize Surround sound.  It appears, though, that no matter how I set

> up the VST ports, that the only signal path is channels 1 and 2 (that

> is, the front channels).

The VST host must support plugins that have more than one stereo
pair of input and output "pins".  Many do not, especially DAWs,
because this is a rare plugin feature and it complicates the
user interface.   Live supports this as do the so called "modular"
hosts like Bidule, EnergyXT, and AudioMulch.

> Is this a limitation with Cubase SX3?   Would an upgrade to Cubase 4  
> solve this?

It has been a long time since I looked at Cubase, but I think the demo 
LE version I used did not support multi-port plugins.  I don't know
if Cubase 4 added this, make sure before you pay for an upgrade.