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--loopers used in Pseudophone's new release "Reach"--

Hey all,

Fellow LD-er Hoby and i have a brand new release out that makes
heavy use of the following loopers:

- Electrix Repeater
- Oberheim Echoplex DP
- Lexicon Jamman
- Lexicon Vortex
- Line-6 DL-4

Pseudophone's new EP "Reach" is available for free
download at the netlabel, Negative Sound Institute:


We'd love to know what folks think, and hey--it's free!

With netlabel releases, there really isn't the chance
via liner notes to thank people.  If there were i would
be listing there Kim Flint, Rick Walker, Tim Nelson,
Per Boysen, the late Richard Zvonar, Michael LaMeyer, David
Kirkdorffer, Ted Killian, and so many others on Loopers
Delight who have been inspirational over the last 11 years
through great advice and information sharing, humor, shared
experience, and leads to the vast variety of amazing music
out there by artists using the tools and techniques we're
all here to discuss.

This is a wonderful community.  So THANK YOU all!


Peter Koniuto
Creative Recordist - Composer
Red Sun Soundroom
Niskayuna, NY

Pseudophone's "Reach"
A free EP from Negative Sound Institute

peter AT RedSunSoundroom.com