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Re: RC-50 Sync Issues...

Do you have any luck syncing the 2 RC50's together?
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From: chris@nubzilla.com

> Hi all,
> I have been reading the archives on this and have found some comfort in
> not being alone having rc-50 sync issues. I have talked to some higher
> ups over at Boss / Roland US, and I believe they are interested in having
> some help communicating the importance of a fix to Japan. Roland/Boss US
> has been feeling the heat on this, and now R/B Japan needs to feel it too
> so a fix will be made; sooner rather than later! (Bob Wood is the head of
> Customer Relations.) I spoke with him on the phone recently and suggested
> that they (Roland/Boss) interact with this list directly, as there are
> much to be gained here and a lot of experience and knowledge to be gained
> as well.
> I purchased 2 rc-50s some ti me ago intending to sync them and ableton and
> other stuff as well. After hearing "yes, we know..." from tech support, I
> decided to take it to the top of the chain. (the tree shakes easier from
> the top) I expect to be in communication with them again soon about how
> we can get closer to a solution.
> I offered to write a letter detailing my RC-50 predicament for Bob to pass
> along overseas, and he thought that would be helpful. If any of you would
> like to add your own comments or stories, I'll pass them along as well.
> The idea is to demonstrate the need for a fix; to show how important midi
> sync and slaving really is. (for me is it THE reason I chose the RC-50)
> If, on the off chance Bob doesn't come through, I will contact Roland/Boss
> Japan directly myself. It might cost me in long distance, but someone
> has to hold them accountable to deliver what they promised.
> Sorry to blather on so long about this. I just hope that together we can
> motivate them to fix this.
> Thanks for your camaraderie.
> Chris Hughes
> Sheila Kirsten Hughes Band
> Nubzilla Records
> Tampa, FL