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Re: OT- Resonating (was:Re: Civitas Urbanus (new album release))

Amen, brother. It's one of the things I find hard about looping -- how to get away from "lead guitar" (which I can do OK, I guess, but I don't like to hear me doing it) and more into that multiple parallel melodies thing (not unlike Dixieland) (or P-Funk). But, too often in my looping for my taste, I end up playing "over" some kind of backing noise. I'm glad you reminded me of that, to help keep it conscious.

On 7/22/07, bill bigrig <billbigrig@yahoo.com> wrote:
Not to mention
that ifI were a guitar virtuoso,it would be along the
line of those two bands. Always dancing around the
theme of the song, not blasting power chords or
playing blazing lead lines. just constantly
interweaving myself into the mix.