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OT: Video question (there will be a looping soundtrack though)

Hello all,

I know this is very far afield of the usual looping discussion here but
I also know this is one of the most well informed and diversely talented
 group of people I know online so I'm asking this OT question of you
all.  If you know nothing about digital video or could care less about
it you might want to delete this now.  But for those of you who are

Off list responses are probably best.

Im trying to create some short movies that are primarily created in
After Effects from a collection of jpgs.  These are all high resolution
images taken from RAW files.  Im not really doing anything too
complicated, just basic dissolves and maybe a little movement.

The movies are about 20 minutes long and they render out at about 35 Gb
each when uncompressed and these look just fine when played on my
computer.  Also, I can compress them in the rendering stage to about 1
Gb and they still look fine on computer playback.

However, when I try to create a DVD using these files (uncompressed or
previously compressed), they become unwatchable and filled with
artifacts and moir like patterns that really ruin much of the work. 
Ive tried using Adobe Encore and Nero to encode DVDs and both of them
produced the same result.

Im really at a loss here since I have been making short videos with
this method for a little while and never encountered this problem
before.  The only differences I can identify is that the source files
for the earlier error free videos were all tif files while these are
jpgs taken from RAW files.  One last possibility, the images are mainly
of wood and so have lots of recurring pattern lines in them.

If any of you have any expertise youd be willing to share or have any
suggestions of where to get an answer for this sort of problem, I would
be deeply grateful (I'm putting off diving into the Adobe forums because
I feel that my use of these programs is far below the type of user
questions that seem to populate there).  I admit to having gone straight
into working in digital video without grounding in what might be the
basics so I encounter problems like this more often than Id like.  Not
so very different from how Ive approached looping technology either I

So, sorry if this is an obviously lame question, but I am at a loss (yet

Thanks again


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