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Re: LOVING NON NATIVE MUSICAL TRADITIONS: was 'gypsy caravan film'

We all have to guess regarding this, but my guess goes goes with  
Mark's. I think every human have a unique predisposition for how we  
will react and act on things we bump into on our odyssey through this  
world. This is not "education", "talent" or "intelligence" - rather  
"drive". And I think this part of us is what makes us like or dislike  
certain kinds of music. You can see this manifesting in praxis if you  
look at people; those with a lot of "drive" (simply those who are  
doing a lot of things in whatever areas) tend to have strong likes  
and dislikes in music and people with less "drive" tend to dance or  
whistle along to whatever they might happen to hear.


On 24 jul 2007, at 21.44, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> I don't think I'm buying that theory, as it doesn't explain so many  
> people who shun forms of expression that they're unfamiliar with.   
> It also doesn't explain why I love Indian Classical music and  
> dislike Chinese classical music.
> On Jul 24, 2007, at 4:56 AM, Michael Billow wrote:
>> My opinion: My opinion, it has nothing to do with past lives or  
>> anything so
>> mysterious. You liked it because its great stuff, that  
>> unfortunately, your "lilywhite"
>> environment didn't expose you to very much. When you become  
>> exposed to
>> other cultures, other styles and modes of music, it is naturally  
>> bound
>> to be exciting.