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Re: OT: gypsy caravan film

At 3:19 PM -0700 7/23/07, bill bigrig wrote:
> i have a korean language book tht states the closest
> language to it is Finn. I wonder how the 2 traditional
> muziks is?

Korean, Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian all are considered to belong to 
same linguistic family.  Also quite possibly a part of that family is 
(many linguists agree on this to some extent, but generally many Japanese
linguists tend to resist the theory, since it would somewhat support the
supposition that the Japanese migrated over from Korea rather than some 
part of Asia).

It would be interesting to see if there are any obvious musical contrasts
between all those different cultures, but you've got to take into account 
there was a whole lot of ground to be covered by the cultures of the Magyar
linguistic group between Magyarorszag (Hungary) and Korea, and a lot of 
time to
cover it.  A lot can change as a culture moves out in different directions 
that over such a span of time.


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