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RE: Looping ourselves

No way man!  Don't you know you're trying to aurally represent your DNA
patterns? ;)

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What? Huh? Look, most of us just want to Sync a fucking RC50 to something
and make funny noises. Your getting way to cerebrel. Lets bring it down a
few notches. K?

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From: "Qua Veda" <qua@oregon.com>
> >From reading many of the recent posts on  Loving Non-Native ... ,  and
> Exposed to the music of the 60's.... 
> it occured to me we are  looping our childhood/womb imprinting throughout
> our lives,  and applying various effects and treatments to the loops 
> the way.   occasionally, we breakout into unchartered territory and start
> looping those new experiences
> -Qua