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Re: Looping ourselves

I have a Boomerang II and an original that needs some tlc.  I rebuilt some 
of the pedals in the
original but have had no problems since until recently.  A real bad 
hummmmm has developed.  The
boom II needs some more serious work though I need a schematic for them 
both.  Please stay in
touch, I have some festivals I will be playing at coming up and a wedding 
I will be doing some
live looping of original Celtic like and Galithian like music is what is 
planned.  I am also
supposed to be getting with Johny Barbata after he is done with his new 
book signing tour in
California.  Are you and Haley on Myspace yet?  Hook up, peaceful 
blessings of health, prosperity
and joy to you and yours Grandpappy twice!!!  Love in Christ, Daniel T. 
--- Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:

> Zounds!  I learned how to route loopers email into a folder on my Mac 
> ("Rules") and have been out of the loop - and on the road - for a 
> while!  Just checked and... non native music?  Music of the 60's in the 
> womb?
> I think I experienced some music of the 60's while in the womb.
> It was glorious.
> The music world here is going gangbusters.  Lots of really good news.  
> I might be able to afford a Looperlative yet!
> Keep up the good,
> richard sales
> glassWing farm and studio
> vancouver island, b.c.
> 800.545.6846
> 250.752.4816
> www.glassWing.com
> www.richardsales.com
> www.hayleysales.com
> www.blueberryfieldsfarm.com
> On 25-Jul-07, at 1:13 PM, midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:
> > What? Huh? Look, most of us just want to Sync a fucking RC50 to 
> > something and make funny noises. Your getting way to cerebrel. Lets 
> > bring it down a few notches. K?

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