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native music

  I was born in 55,my father was a jazz and R&B fan,he talked about seeing 
Coleman Hawkins,James Moody ( he liked to sing Moody's Mood for Love 
),Lionel Hampton Count Basie at Roseland in NY as a teenager. ,I remember 
him having Ray Charles ,and Sarah Vaughn records when I was small. He 
listened to the radio all the time. My parents listened and danced to 
Jobim,and other Bossa Nova stuff in the early 60s.When my father was in 
late 60s he went to see Prince live.But he'd  tried to keep me from 
music.My grandfather played Ukulele and Piano ,and I heard alot of the 20s 
and 30s pop songs  like Sunny Side of the Street,It's a Sin to Tell a 
and My Shadow, Five Foot Twofrom him. I grew up in D.C. and heard alot of 
black music,on the Radio,James Brown Ray Charles,Bobby Blue Bland, Motown 
etc.I remember hearing early Reggae, My Boy Lollie Pop,by Millie 
Small,Desmond Dekker Isrealites,Stir it Up by the Wailers,Miriam Makeba, 
Calypso Mighty Sparrow,as early as '65
  My other grandfather was a folklorist through whom I heard alot of 
now sometimes called Americana roots,and also music from other cultures, 
when he lived in India,gave me a Ravi Shankar record, the same week I got 
Meet the Beatles ,the first record I ever bought. My mother was horrified 
was getting into rock and roll,said they were just a fad and would be 
forgotten in a year. 10 years lateer she had most of their records. When I 
was 8 I saw Olatunji live at the World's Fair in NY, while there I also 
the Merry Prankster psychedelic Bus. In the 90s I perforemd on African 
w/ the Pranksters several times.
  The Beatles got me interested in playing music,and their psychedelic 
( I was the only one I knew who liked Revolution #9) along w/ Hendrix,who 
saw at age 12, got me into weirdness.I've yet to recover.