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Re: OT: Languages (was: gypsy caravan film)

At 11:52 AM -0400 7/25/07, Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 7/25/07 10:34:19 AM, mech@m3ch.net writes:<
>> Korean, Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian all are considered to
>> belong to the same linguistic family.
> .....with the passing of my grandmother i seldom if ever heard
> slovinian spoken anymore untill a few years ago with the internet i
> was able to listen to a slovinian radio station.....i was totally
> knocked out by the sound and cadance of the language a touch of
> german and italian and what surprised me the most was there was
> more than a hint of the sing song flow of an eastern (the korean
> perhaps) infulence to the language.....

Ah, Slovenian?  I love the sound of that language as well -- although it's 
Slavic language rather than being descended from the Magyars, IIRC, and 
would be part of the Romance Language family (same as Russian, French, 
Spanish, etc.).  I can remember driving across Austria and catching some
Slovenian Hip-Hop/Rap on the radio.  Even though I couldn't understand the
words, their cadence made the spoken passages turn and flow wonderfully in 
manner that American Hip-Hop rarely does any more.  I agree.  There's a 
lilt to
it that's just beautiful.


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