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Controlling an Echoplex via PC or Mac

Hello Looping Community,

My name is Adam.  I use an Echoplex synced to a Boss Dr 880 drum machine.  It works like a charm.  Unfortunately the Boss Dr 880 lacks sufficient memory to store more than a setlist worth of rhythm patterns, so I bought a Mac thinking surely there would be a way I could do the following:

1. Program and store *all* my rhythm and bass lines (w/o having to delete patters to create more)

2. MIDI sync the clocks with the Echoplex

3. Send start, stop, next loop, overdub, and multiply commands at the appropriate sections

That is, I thought I could use my computer as a sequencer. 

My questions:

?  Is there a software that can piggyback on top of a rhythm/bass package that will send my Echoplex proper messages at the right times?

?  Would I be better off syncing my computer and Echoplex to a sequencer?  If so what type of sequencer would you reccommend?

I have been researching this intently, and searching the Looper's Delight archives.  I feel like I have discovered some software that can send sysex commands buuut... I can't figure out how to implement it... I'm needing drum/bass software and I don't want to blow cash on something that will not allow me to piggy back a software to send midi command.


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