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Re: BackLine Engineering Announces Feature Update for RiffBox Looping Device

wow cool!important features in a small box,it mentions
automatic fading is this the same as feedback control?
what about multiply you think it works like the EDP?
at first i wasnt attracted to this box at all but now
it has caught my attention!

--- Ben <benoitruelle@yahoo.fr> wrote:

> I Don't know if a lot of members use this device but
> there's an upgrade:
> _________________
> BackLine Engineering today announces a significant
> feature update for RiffBoxT, its popular looping
> device designed to enhance the capabilities of
> performing musicians. 
> The firmware 5.0 update includes the following five
> most requested feature enhancements:
> While recording a new layer, you can now abort the
> recording with the simple press of the footswitch. 
> An auto-start option has been added to for manual
> loop recording. This is in addition to the five
> automatic recording modes that cannot be found on
> any other looping device. 
> A new operating mode 77 has been added which allows
> you to continuously record and playback new loops
> without having to stop and start the record process.
> MIDI 'note on' messages can now be used to time the
> loop length. If you want to use a MIDI setup,
> RiffBox can use these messages instead of
> recognizing the notes or chords that you play. This
> gives you the option to time your loop recording to
> a MIDI track instead of your playing. 
> If you don't like the last layer that you just
> recorded, you can now erase it using MIDI. 
> With the ability to time loops to your playing,
> automatically recognize rhythm and note progressions
> to create a loop, and 76 loop playback modes,
> RiffBox has been an ideal tool for live
> performances. This update takes RiffBox to the next
> level while continuing to provide features and
> functions that cannot be found in other looping
> devices.
> These new features will work with any of the 76
> different looping modes that are currently available
> and are included in RiffBox Firmware version 5.0,
> which is available free to existing users from the
> Backline Engineering web site. 
> Pricing and Availability:
> RiffBox is shipping today at a street price of $319.
> For more information, visit their web site at
> www.backline-eng.com.
> _________________
> C.U.
> Ben.


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