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Re: Small, Hand-Sized Battery Powered Mixers

> And I hear now that with mac, no one has these problems because they 
> have their core audio and force everyone to comply to their standards so 
> that users don't have to suffer as a result of so many diverse driving 
> coding standards across the globe.
> Kris

Last time I heard, there was a big problem with FireWire interfaces and 
Core Audio
having a lot of latency.
Hope that's fixed now.
As I understand it, there are difficulties with syncing audio on Firewire, 
as it 
has to be the master. Core Audio simply gets round this by using sample 
conversion. The result is that it works without glitching, but SRC
brings it's own problems.
(On pc, the Firewire audio is treated as master, but then you can't have 
multiple audio interfaces)

I guess I've been lucky, my M-Audio interface has run perfectly with 3 
different pc motherboards,
and an 8-ch firewire interface worked fine straight away. 

andy butler