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minimizing gear with-laptop or floor harware?

Hi gang,
i had a gig yesterday just my self doing acoustic
songs with guitar looping and singing,by the way i
used the new digitech vocalist for the first time
yesterday to do harmonies and i love this little
baby!a breeze to use,i got it a day before the gig,i
tried it by playing some good ol
CSN,,beatles,Zeppelin,Neil Young,Richard
Ashcroft,Elliot Smith etc.all with 2 of its presets
and it sound so cool finally i got a partner that can
sing without having to rehearse much!;-)
but settin up the P.A.,my rack,doing the mixing myself
etc.took me about an hour and after driving home i
said to myself thats it, i gotta minimize this shit
for this type of gigs,i am gettin to old for it.
so to replace my rack is either: 
getting a laptop to replace my,edps,and mpc1000
sampler with mobius and (x?) software to replace the
MPC1000(please recomend me something similar),though i
would still have to have a mixer and soundcard.
or going all floor harware,no racks or mixer by using
floor efx and something like the boss RC-50 it has a
looper,simple drum loops, guitar and mic in,and stereo
outs straight into the 2 speakers.Now since i havent
use any of these 2 variables which in your opinion
would be more reliable,advantages,drawbacks?

--- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:

> Nice...too bad they offer only half the of bank of
> presets on the board. 
> Now, if someone would make a board with all 10
> program buttons, two 
> expression pedals, and still half the size of the
> FCB, or even 2/3 the size, 
> I'd be excited.  I may buy this one nonethess.
> Kris
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> >
> >
> > smaller than the fcb1010, but 2.5 * the cost ;(
> > 


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