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Re: AW: minimizing gear with-laptop or floor harware?

> As for the MPC1000: I'd suggest Kontakt, then
> suggest Ableton Live as a
> host. Depending on the way you're working with your
> MPC, you can then even
> skip using Kontakt or just use Battery instead.
how do they work being synced with mobius?
I work with the mpc1000 in both modes, using it as
master and slaving it ot the EDPs
> I don't understand why you'd still need a mixer.
> Using an interface which is
> powerful enough should solve this (think fireface400
> with its standalone
> mixer function)

> What you'll need however is at least a foot
> controller (FCB1010 etc.) and
> perhaps a fader box.

Soory,what is a fader box?
> Advantages: very flexible, only one pass of A/D-D/A
> conversions, the setup
> topology can be changed by simply loading a new file
> into your application.
> Option "all floor":
> Floor setups tend to lack when it comes to signal
> routing flexibility. Also,
> if you normally use a MPC to do your drums, I doubt
> that you'll be happy
> with the RC50's internal drums (and with its looping
> if you're coming from
> the EDP for that matter). Which effects were you
> looking at? One before the
> RC50 (which would then only affect guitar) and one
> after the RC50? Or
> something else? You see, flexibility of routing is
> greatly reduced here...
yes i hear you this is the big sacrifice,ive been
using the EDP for so long that nay other looper bores
as far as fx I would be using something like the T.C.
electronics G-natural flor unit to use for my acoustic
before the RC-50,and for my voice efx ill use
something like the vocal live 4,for after fx ive been
using the Mofx but i guess i could live without it

> Advantages: you could just mount everything onto a
> wooden board with two
> cables going in on one side and two cables coming
> out on the other side and
> a power strip at the top. Setup essentially boils
> down to putting the thing
> onto the floor and connecting five cables.
>       Rainer

Thanx Rainer!


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