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Re: AW: minimizing gear with-laptop or floor harware?

The tiny POD seems cool but i need 2 inputs for my
stereo out acoustic guitar. 
i am also still hunting for the smallest high quality
12 ch.mixer,about the size of the mackies VLZ1202/1204
with at least 6 xlr ins, at least 3 band EQ per
channel, 2 aux sends,alt 3/4 (for after efxs),XLR outs
and good sounding integrated FXs,i canīt believe all
of the ones ive seen are missing something,i have the
Mackie CFX1202 but is just too bulky.

so far this are the ones ive come across:



offcourse i havent even bother to look at
behringer,phonic or anything low quality but please
feel free to suggest.

P.S.for such gigs my setlist varies depending on the
mood and where i am playing,i dont do looping in every
song, sometimes i just play and sing and play harp,
but for looping i try to pick songs that dont have a
lot of chord changes and distract the mood of the song
so i can build up things and improvise seemesly,or
where i can simulate mandolin riffs intros or melody
phrases that appear throughout a song, middle
segments,or endings and play around them,things like
going to california,friends, when the leeve
breaks,from Led Zeppelin,Helpless Neil young,
guinnevere,deja vu from CSN,running away,sweet
symphony for Richard ashcroft "walk on the wild
side",looser,"how many more years" from Howling
wolf,Pigs,as you said form cream,dogs from floyd
Scattered Black And Whites from elbow,some fink,
elliot smith, etc. i also use different open tunnigs
to simulate bass and give the songs a different
color,my dream will come ture when trans performance
comes up with an open tuning floor system for acoustic

--- midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

> The drum sounds in the RC50 do indeed suck. I drop
> wav files created in Stylus into it. These range
> from basic percussion to more advanced parts. The
> loop is then defined by the length of the wav file.
> This does away with the split second of silence you
> get when going from record to play on the RC. You do
> give up a certian amount of freedom, but you can
> store a bunch of patches with preset lengths, 1 bar,
> 2 bars etc. and use them as needed.  This also
> really helps when playing with other musicians. The
> loops are locked in and drummers wont drift. Yet it
> still feels natural. 
> Get the new really tiny POD for effects. Peavey PR10
> powered speakers and a very small mixer and your
> good to go. My rig fits in a Miata, sets up in 5
> minutes, tears down in 3. The announce last call and
> I can have a few before the bar closes. 
> Your setlist sounds cool, can you send it to me?


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