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The statistics that I see most often are that most people can
"compensate" for latencies of 10ms or below.  Note that this is not
the same as "detect".  Some people can certainly detect latencies
below 10ms, but they are able to mentally compensate for this and play
without distraction.  Above 10ms and the delay is enough to be distracting.
You may still be able to compensate but it starts to "feel funny".

People are also sensitive to varying latency.  If the latency in a system
is kept constant at say 5ms many people would find this tolerable.  But
if it jumps around from 1ms to 5ms randomly, this becomes intolerable,
probably because the compensation "auto pilot" in your brain no longer 
Every note you play feels different.

I saw the results of a study awhile ago that claimed we are far more
sensitive to varying latency than we are to the amount of latency.