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Re: Residents / Renaldo and the Loaf

On Jul 31, 2007, at 12:55 AM, samba - wrote:

> I used to play the Residents and all the other Ralph records  
> artists on the Radio-Anyone remember Renaldo and the Loaf?

Renaldo and the Loaf!!!    Ahhhhhh!!!  MORE excellence!  Thanx for  
shining a little Light on them too!

-Rev. Fever

PS-I also used to feature the Rezzies a lot on some of my past Radio  
Soiree(with the Martian Neon Creature) shows way back in my Dallas TX  

Years later, I was also given the opportunity (twice!) to be the DJ  
at a kool club in Seattle (Re-Bar) and did an ALL Residents Night
with not only spinning tons of their musics, but also a large screen  
video projection of their early films and vidz,
with the sound piped through the club's sound system, AND I even  
managed to find, from some mail order surplus company,
WHITE *EYEBALL CANDLES* which I lit and placed on all of the club's  

What FUN!   I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Dunno if I could find  
those eyeball candles again, though? Maybe...? :-)