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Re: OT: help / advice needed (C-14 error, CD recorder)

It's a TOC error (Table of Contents).
Google it--other folks have had the same problem.
No known fix.


On 7/31/07, Rev Fever <revfever@ubergadget.com> wrote:

> The unit is a Sony RCD W-500C, dual tray, with analogue input jacks,etc.
> I am sure a lot of you know what these kinds of units are.
> The prob is that now, on the record side, after I have recorded
> something (or THOUGHT I DID)
> from the analogue in jacks, and after watching the VU meter
> responding to the signal coming in,
> the display window says "C-14 error" when I stopped recording and
> prepared for the next signal input     ???