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Re: DL-4 footswitch broken

My DL4's record switch started acting up just after a coupla months of 
I initially tot it was merely the mechanical stomp button which started 
squeaking which was resolved with a lil WD40 but I eventually found out 
under the hood that the tack switches were the real culprits. I replaced 
them all and it's been all good for over 3 years now. :)

Most people think it's the mechanical steel stomp button but it's the tack 
switches that are mounted on the pcb that wear out rather quickly. I do 
have the part number as I simply found local supplies of the same switch 
which matches the width and more importantly the height. I dunno how to 
attach pictures here perhaps with some advice I'll be able to without 
creating unecessary clogging in everyone's inbox.

Let me know if you guys out there need spares as I have quite a bag full 
'em switches.

Randolf Arriola (Singapore)

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> Thanks, Randolf!
> Luckily, I know how to solder. What replacement switches do you use?
> I mean Part-No, where to get them, etc...
> Thanks
> Bernhard
> On 01.08.2007, at 09:19, Randolf Arriola wrote:
>> I've fixed and modded a number of DL4 units including my own and do 
>> confirm that the original tack switches do wear out rather easily.  It 
>> easily and cheaply resolved if you know how to solder with  25watt 
>> soldering iron. I would suggest using a fine cutter to snip  off the 
>> of the switch and heating up the solder joint whilst  pulling the 
>> remaining parts of the switch's legs off the pcb. Let  me know if you 
>> need more help and I'll do my best.
>> Randolf Arriola (Singapore)