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Re: general question about equipment(dual core Hint)

My experiments on a dual core machine (winXP) showed the following.

Using Bidule (not optimised for dual core) it becomes apparent 
that all the Bidule processing is done by one of the cores.

It also seems that the graphics for the operating system are handled
in just one of the cores.

WinXP chooses which processes to put onto which core, there doesn't 
seem to be a way to change that.

If the Bidule processing ends up on the same core as the graphic 
then Bidule has less capability.

I guess it depends on the order that you start your applications,
seemed like I could restart Bidule and get it onto the core
which had the lowest load.

andy butler

I don't have any specific knowledge about xp in this respect,
just looking at the 'performance' tab of the Widows task manager. 

Krispen Hartung wrote:
> You are correct. Software optimization for dual core is a bonus to take 
> advantage of additional duo core features, but not necessary. The system 
> does a lot of things in the background between the two cores, running  
> the OS and applications that make it much more efficient than a solo 
> core system. Intel wouldn't release a product like this if it's power 
> could only be unleashed by special software optimization.  That would be 
> ridiculous.
> Kris