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Re: Controlling Echoplex w/ Cubase

Thanks for the responses!

Here is what is going on.  I am going to play around and test my luck with virtually controlling my Echoplex... I'm combing through the EDP manual and there is a lot I haven't tried yet.   There are a lot of variables I have to contend with (duh)...  so I'm not going to waste bandwidth groveling for an answer to my problems.

Mobius:  I haven't researched this.  I'm hesitant to rely on my CPU's processing power to record my loops when playing live (Mac OSX 2GB ram).  I guess I should check it out though!!  Sounds cool judging by the content of this list.

Tom - How I do it in Cubase (sort of the same way you did it):  I slave my echoplex to a midi drum track in Cubase.  Before I play I "draw" in the midi note values to run my loops, multiply's, overdubs, etc in time with the drums.  Having some problems making it do what I want when I try to next loop or copy a phrase into another loop.  Some commands fall on deaf virtual EDP ears and the NoteOn, NoteOff doesn't work how I think it should.

It is truly delicious not having to do the pedal dance while trying to play the guitar.  For real.

I'm new to this, but when I get my homework done I'll turn it in to the list and go from there!  This includes checking out Mobius.   It may just be Win compatible I don't know. 

Hal: what is a FCB?

Claude: Let me(us) know if you post your EDP drum map.  I want it!


NO, but this sounds truly delicious...........especially as I'm about to invest in a good laptop finally.
But if you are running an Echoplex using Cubase,  why on earth aren't you using the freeware
Mobius which is like an Echoplex on steroids (in true stereo with very high fidelity)?
yours,  Rick

done that long time ago on cubase vst32
if you want my EDP drum map just ask I'll post it somewhere
probably not compatible with the current versions


Sounds cool, Adam.  How do you do it in Cubase? 
I've done some controlling of the Echoplex within Ableton Live by setting up midi files with notes that trigger certain things.  Then when I wanted to, I would trigger that cell in Live.

Sure, or at least I used to do so when using an EDP. I now do much the same with Mobius, which I have running on a separate computer. Mobius is more flexible with regard to commands since it has a "learn" function, but for real-time control if you're interested in that it is easy to set up an FCB to control the EDP through C'base. I use a combination of real-time control and sequences. Also consider the feature - I use it so much I've forgotten what it is called in C'base - that translates incoming MIDI messages. 
Hal Dean

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