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SF Bay Area "Live" Loopers

Hey Loopfolk,

Jesse Engel here, I'm a guitarist, looper, and
AbletonLiver (Although I'm currently using Mobius for
my live looping). 

I play guitar looping music, with a rhythmic
foundation in digital delay (Strong pulse, Polyrhythm,
etc.). It makes for a nice bouncy orchestra of guitars
which I then of course love to improvise over. 

I've been playing some of this stuff by myself for a
while now, but I suffer from a classic case looper's
loneliness. I'm looking for another musician to hook
up with to experiment with syncing and combining our
ideas of looped music. 

Ideally, I'm looking for a computer musician in the SF
bay area, who is into using live, or a similar
software looper for making electronic music, who would
like to experiment with integrating that with live

Anyone interested?
More relevant to everyone, anyone have
experience/anecdotes about integrating the worlds of
the analog and the electronic, and syncing and all

My vision in the end is music that we could just as
well play in a club, but that have an improvisational
nature, constantly evolve, and have lots of ability
for interaction through resampling, dynamics, mood,

All the best!

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