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Re: looping for childeren

Actually...here's what's going on, I think. It is true that the flute is 
playing notes in the key of A (A minor that, is)....meaning that all of 
notes fall inside the natural a minor scale. They could be in a different 
key too, if you did some comparisons.  I guess what comes out as sounding 
"bad' is that the choice of notes is poor.  I used the term "avoid" notes 
a prior conversation, and someone objected to it, but this is a prime case 
that illustrates that just because a note is in a key doesn't mean it 
good when you play it continuously with long durations.  This is one of 
those examples. Some of the notes that the flute is playing might be 
as passing tones by a professional playing over the same chord progression 
(#3 on the guitar is what I was using).

Anyway...it's a fun little toy, nonetheless. :)


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> caveat here-i know nothing of keys and chords and notes but those 
> instruments sound in key to me.
> if ya play #1 flute and #4 guitar only-it sounds like the key of A.
> i could be wrong and i'll eat a bug.
> s
>>Cool! Except the flute is completely in the wrong key relative to the
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>>> My daughter LOVES this.
>>> http://www.noggin.com/games/dora/dorasmusic/