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Re: OT: motels / hotels in Seattle?

Ace Hotel..was a great stay in Seattle..
There was also a youth hostel that looked pretty nice more towards the center of the city.

2007/8/11, Travis Hartnett < travishartnett@gmail.com>:
Staying behind the Bluricane is a-ok, but you're going to avoid North
Aurora....?  I used to have a weekly gig at the Hurricane, and the
police came every single time to scoop up nodded out junkies, hookers,
and drunk brawlers...

On 8/11/07, Rev Fever < revfever@ubergadget.com> wrote:

> ( a few miles is OK, but not something like 10 or more miles, and
> definitely not way up on kreepy, sleazy N. Aurora Blvd. )
> Over the last few years, I have previously stayed at a nice motel on
> 8th street (behind the Hurricane Cafe) near the Seattle Center,
> but each year, it has continued to  climb in price to where I can no
> longer afford to do that, even with one of my nights spent "camping out"
> in someone's backyard with my tent and gear.