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Re: Sparce 'n Spacey, part 2: fretless guitar

At 10:59 AM +0200 8/14/07, Per Boysen wrote:
>>>Just recorded this impro with my fretless electric + sustaniac:

First of all, the new track is great.  I love the way that every note 
seems to be teetering on the edge of feedback chaos.  Wonderful.

>Before I slaughtered my Telecaster I read up on 
>http://www.unfretted.com/. Some things I discovered, that I did not 
>know before, was that the action has to be set as low as possible,, 
>at least for the sitar-like buzzing attack that I am going for. You 
>also have to carefully plain the finger board and best is if you can 
>cover it with some really hard material. So I'm hoping for making me 
>a second fretless guitar in the future, with a finger board of some 
>extremely hard wood, metal or glass.

Per, if you're going to tackle making a second fretless, here's 
another thought: go for a 12-string.

I hope you might remember the references to my FrankenVox -- a Vox 
12-string that I de-fretted and turned into an Electric Oud.  It does 
a great job of simulating that sitar-like attack you mentioned.  I've 
got the string pairs set up as dual courses, rather than octaves. 
Detuning them from each other helps further enhance that buzzy, 
chorusey element as well.  I didn't use a hard lacquer on my 
fretboard only because I really like the feel of Rosewood, so I 
really can use the boost from having an extra string course.

I haven't tried hooking up my Sustainiac to it (yet!!! -- your posts 
keep tempting me!) because I've got a Roland GK pickup on there.  I 
can get over the sustain issue by using the VG-8/VG-99.  However, 
with an extra string of mass on every course, I'd bet you could pull 
some really nice tones by putting the Sustainiac or Ebow on a 
fretless 12.

Just a thought....

"I want to keep you alive so there is always the possibility of 
murder... later"