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Re: Ritardandi and accelerandi when live-looping.... any ideas?

On 15 aug 2007, at 17.09, Goddard, Duncan wrote:

> same goes for slowing things down. & you need to do this with a  
> single,
> intuitive control that works by being kicked while you're not  
> looking at
> it or concentrating on it especially hard.
> I would therefore most likely design a centred foot pedal that looks
> like a half-open wah/volume pedal & is sprung to settle in that
> position. either side of this, it uses midi CC to raise or lower the
> tempo around a relatively insensitive zone (like our synth pitch- 
> wheel)
> but which at both ends of it's travel would also have a PC switch to
> make a permanent change to the tempo. obviously, the various values  
> for
> CC & PC would be determined empirically.....

I'm sure that solution would have a too short action distance for me  
to work in a musical way. I would need at least 50 cm to move tempo  
as I play. I'm not speaking "correcting my own looper's tempo  
according to band mates" here but rather doing some meaningful  
playing with ritardando or accelerando. It seems this may be possible  
with the VRP. Funny how this upcoming VRP creeps into every thread....

A very good technique for changing tempo to stay in sync with freely  
playing band mates is IMHO how the EDP works;  Multiply ended by  
Record. Mostly I go Record directly to play a new loop in the new  
tempo. All gear synced after the EDP will then catch on. I guess with  
the VRP you may also want to try out to stick a mic into the kick  
drum, cabble it into one audio interface input and route the signal  
to the Beat Sync function.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)