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RE: "Virtual Repeater" Software

According to Adam Scolara at Electrix, they will be making an announcement to our web site sometime tomorrow or over the weekend. They just got their new web site up and running.  Incidentally, I have been in contact with them every couple of weeks or so.  I initiated the contact, and to be honest when I first talked to them I was very honest about how lame I thought the previous regime was in communication, and that they were fighting an uphill battle, not just because of the skepticism people on this list, whining at them, but also because of the trend toward lap tops and the general movement away from hardware machines. To give you an example of how topsy turvy the hardware processing market is. Both TC electronic and Eventide have announced new floor pedal versions of their classic delays and reverbs, a move I believe was necessitated by slumping rack mount sales, the trend toward VST plug-ins, and the fact that the pedal effect market seems to be steaming right along, though racl gear is all but dead. I have inside knowledge because I made the effort to connect with them. Their decision to hold off on a hardware version is mainly due to their desire to build a new and better Repeater,  not just a knock –off of a ten year old piece of hardware, that in tech years, is equivalent to the half life of radioactive isotopes. They also wanted to throw there hand in the ring of software loopers as that has been the trend., and I think they will have a compelling product.  Whether or not the hardware version sees the light of day I cannot say, but I hope they will as some of us still have little desire  to use a lap top for making live music.