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Re: processors?

Oh wise Rabbi,
Since last December I have been using an Eventide Eclipse and yes, it is extremely expensive,  but the factory presets alone can make a mono signal from a guitar/bass or stereo from a synthe sound unlike anything you have ever heard !
Take the time to download the Owners Manual and print out the pages that describe the factory presets.
Ever hear yourself play thru reverse pitch-shifters ?  Hmm ?

On 8/16/07, rabbirabbifive <rabbirabbi5@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> What item of hardware, other than synth, do you think is best for
>> making a guitar sound unlike a guitar? I've got all the ambience I
>> need, but would like some new suonds.

>Electro-Harmonix Polyphonic Octave Generator pedal. With the right
>settings, a guitar sounds like a Hammond organ.

That thing (the Pog) sounds like a chorus of wheezy gnats.  Like a
Hammond organ?  Excuse me while I vomit and Jimmy Smith spins in his


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