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Re: octave pitch shifting down?


  A "harmonizer" type of pitch transposer will allow you to retain the 
basic timber and texture of the guitar sound. A wammy pedal is an 
example of a good inexpensive choice here. The disadvantage is that 
the process has latency.

An "Octave Divider" will generate a filtered squarwave output. Rather 
synth-like and not 'bass guitar' like. The Electro Harmonix 'Octave 
multiplexer" and the Boss OC-2 are good. The disadvantage is that the 
effect is monophonic (that is to say only a single note at a time can 
be processed - no polyphony)

A third option is to use a looper that allows you to record in 
varispeed. The Electro Harmonix 16 second delay and the 2880 allow 
realtime octave jumps. This produces the most realistic effect. THe 
disadvantage is that your backing loop will playback in double time 
while you overdub the "bass" part.

More sophisticated loopers like the looperlative LP-1 and the 
software based "Sooper Looper" allow playback to happen at 1/2 speed 
without affecting the other tracks.

-Chuck Zwicky

>hi there,
>what pedals would people here recommend  to do bass sounds on my 
>guitar when looping? I know there must be good octave (lower the 
>octave?) units to d a convincing bass sound to add to a loop when 
>playing guitar?