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RC-2, Busking Gig this Morning

I just got back from my 3 hour busk/street gig here in Boise....our City Market artist series. It's basically a two block street affair with tons of people milling about - a farmer's and artist market sort of deal with musicians at every corner. The Boise City Arts Commission pays musicians ($150) here to play every weekend.
Anyway, I used my Taylor Nylon string guitar, my Schetler "David" Acoustic amp (beautiful!), and the RC-2.  I now have new impressions of the RC-2....FREAKIN' Frustrating!!!   That damn one button does everything thing is a pain in the ass. I could never get my loops to stop like I wanted them without messing things up, starting and stopping the loop, thinking it was reset, then discovering it wasn't when I hit the button and the prior loop played, etc. It's a nice clean and small device, just too much of a hassle to do everything with one button.  I don't want to pack my other computer with me, with Mobius, either.  I was even scrambling to get my old computer installed with Mobius, but I ran out of time and had to jet to the gig.
For these portable, "pop" music loop gigs, I'm thinking of getting one of the new Boomerangs, the Boomerang III? But when is this thing supposed to be out? I really want a floor looper that is stereo, has multiple loops or at least A/B, loop extend (multiply), pitch shift, reverse, etc. The Rang III seems to fit the bill. I'm not interested in the new Boss either. Any idea when the new Rang will be out?
On a side note, these public gigs are really interesting. I just play improvised contemporary jazz, free-style stuff, and I get an unbelievable amount of people requesting CDs of the material. I don't have the heart to sell them one of my existing CDs, because it is nothing like what they hear, and would probably give them a heart attack. The popular, unquenchable taste for vanilla, garden variety instrumental music is just mind blowing. People flock to this music like moths to flame.  I could actually make money as an artist if I recorded and sold this style of music. I don't even have to think to do it...just sit down, play, and hit the record button...it takes virtually no creative energy whatsoever.  Order a bunch of CDs from Kunaki, and I'm selling this widget music like hotcakes. :)  I guess I'm not really surprised...just forgot how easy it is to play music that reaps tons of complements and raves from the common public, without even trying.
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