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Re: rang3 ?

In a message dated 8/18/2007 10:06:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, khartung@cableone.net writes:
I owned the original Rang, and liked it because it was really rugged and
road-worthy. In fact, for anyone who has my debut solo looping CD, "Places",
that was done all  on a Rang. It's proven its worth with me.  :)

The main selling feature was the A/B loop option (which is great for looping
jazz standards) and the Multiply feature, which is great for looping just
one measure, and then looping a more complex part that extends beyond that
for multiple measures (whereas having to loop that single measure line for
several measures and then loop over that, as is the case with more basic

Plus, will there any other floor looper on the market that has these
features? I really like the fade out feature...very cool.
Most likely one of the most talented and cool people/musicians I have ever met and seen live is Ray Riendeau. Man, that guy can play the bass and is one of my absolute favorites! I  have no idea if Ray is still using the Boomerang or not, but that is what he was using when I saw him last. If it's good enough for Ray, well lets just say that's enough to confirm my total appreciation about what I feel is the best floor looper ever made.

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