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Re: Stretching words

G, which used to be "Girl" can do this. I'm not clever enough to find
the webpage just this second. "G" and "Girl" are hard to search on.)
I'll remember the guy's name eventually.

On 8/20/07, Veda, Qua <qua.veda@intel.com> wrote:
> I have a project in mind where I'd like to stretch out the syllables of
> pre-recorded  words - either in a sustained way,  or with a stutter.   
> example, the word "sustained" might sound like "ssss-usss-taaaained",  or
> "sust-t-t-t-a-a-a-ined"   etc.      I would not want the pitch or sound
> quality  to be affected.
> What tools can be used to achieve this?   I'm planning to end up in the
> Max/MSP environment but I'm not there yet. Are there VST's that do this 
> of stretching or rendering of a recorded sample/file ?
> -Qua